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Pay for your admission / application form of $100 to Dove Française Account. On offer of admission, pay a non-refundable processing and acceptance fee of $200.

  1. Complete your application form online or from our nearest office
  2. Submit your master’s degree result and transcript with other available relevant credentials (Candidates that have first class in their first degree without a master’s degree, can apply with their results and transcripts. Candidates in this option must have more than five years consecutive working experience in the chosen career path before making this life changing decision)  
  3. Send your valid photocopy of your international passport
  4. Write and submit your proposal of intent (statement of purpose) to pursue a doctoral degree not less than 1000 words and not more than 2,500 words. Or write a dissertation on a related doctoral course you are applying for, either by research or taught, centering on the literature review only. If you chose to write a dissertation, consider the following: font size-14, style –Ariel, line spacing-1.5, maximum of five pages. This shall be part of your dissertation for your program cycle.
  5. Thereafter submission and approval, your learning portal will be created as you pay your semester or session tuition and commence your lessons.

Doctoral Degrees (By Publication)

Candidates for the Degree of PhD / DSc. / D.Ed. by Publications must be members or past members of staff/ alumni of a recognized University or research Institution. In order to be eligible for consideration, alumni must be graduates of at least five years’ standing and have already obtained a Master’s Degree. However, in exceptional circumstances, other candidates may also be considered. Applications may be made at any time and such applications should be accompanied by:

  • A list of the publications to be submitted; these may include refereed articles, authored chapters, authored books, and edited works. They may not include course readers, internally published materials or unpublished seminar/conference papers,
  • A supporting paper; this should summarize each publication submitted, outline their interrelationships, give a critical review of the current state of knowledge and

Research in the applicant’s field and indicate how his or her work has contributed to the field. It should also comment on the standing of any journals and the reception of the publications as indicated by citations and reviews.

Criteria for the award of the degree: To be awarded a Degree of PhD / D.Sc. / D.Ed. / D.Eng. by Publication run by DFICU Universities or any DFICU member Universities, a candidate must show that his or her work makes a significant contribution to knowledge in a particular field. The publications must also provide evidence of the capacity of the candidate to pursue further research, representing a coherent contribution to research in a given field and demonstrating a depth of scholarship and originality comparable with that required in a PhD thesis. The materials submitted shall be sufficiently extensive as to provide convincing

evidence that the research constitutes a substantial contribution to knowledge or scholarship, and at registration, the candidate shall submit for examination:

  • Three copies, in published form, of each items forming part of the work on which the applications for the Degree by Publication is based. Permission to include work in manuscript, but which has been accepted for publications, may be granted upon a request by the applicant,
  • Four copies of the supporting papers referred to above, modified, if necessary after consultation with the adviser. A full bibliography of all the work ever published by the candidate must be included as an appendix,
  • A statement as to what part (if any) of the materials have been submitted for a Degree or other qualifications at DFICU member universities or any other university or institution, explaining the reason for its inclusion and, if joint work is submitted, what part of it is the candidate’s contribution. In all cases, possession of a good Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University is mandatory.

Doctoral Degree (BY RESEARCH)

This option is available to advanced academic staff in the Universities, Colleges, Industries and research institutions. The basic entry requirements are as follows:

  • A good Bachelor Degree with a minimum of Second Class Honors (Upper Division) 
  • A Master Degree in relevant disciplines with average score of 60% or better (or equivalent of 3.50 on a 5.00 GPA scale)
  • Must be working in a University or a research institution as a lecturer, instructor or researcher
  • A minimum of 5 years working experience is mandatory,
  • A minimum of 5 academic and/or professional publications in relevant disciplines in the mixture of journal articles, textbooks, contributions to books, edited books, monographs, etc. is mandatory.
  • Possession of Final Professional Certificate of recognized Chartered and or Professional Institute will be an added advantage.

Having met the above conditions, the applicant ONLY needs to write the Thesis/Dissertation on an Approved Topic relevant to his area of specialization to

fulfill the requirements for the award of the Doctoral Degree. Applicants holding Master’s Degrees with average score less than 60% (or GPA of 3.50 out of a 5.00 scale) who wish to enroll for the PhD may be considered for M. Phil./PhD alternative. However, irrespective of the submission by the Applicants, the decision of DFICU universities or member institution is final on admission, which is also dependent on availability of space. NOTE: If a candidate of PhD by Research wishes to specialize in any area of study, he/she should write his thesis in that area.


Six to Eight Semesters (Maximum of 4 Years)

Candidates with ten years working experience, have a master’s degree and pursuing the same course from their master’s level can study within two years depending on the career path.

REGULAR PROGRAMMES ($460 – $800/semester – international)

  1. Faculty of Engineering $630 per Semester
  2. Faculty of Medical Sciences $760 per Semester
  3. Faculty of Sciences $630 per Semester
  4. Faculty of Industrial Technology $662 per Semester
  5. Faculty of Legal Studies $685 per Semester
  6. Faculty of Social Sciences $490 per Semester
  7. Faculty of Management Sciences $490 per Semester
  8. Faculty of Arts and Communication $490 per Semester
  9. Faculty of Education $460 per Semester

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