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Veterinary Medicine

March 22, 2023

Course Description

Veterinary medicine is the subspecialty of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of illness and injury in animals. Veterinary medicine that focuses on disease is known as ‘veterinary epidemiology’. We begin this diploma course by explaining how to make a diagnosis by conducting a physical examination of the affected animal. We also examine methods used to maintain biosecurity and control infection, including practical antimicrobial therapeutics used to kill harmful microorganisms. This course shows you how to diagnose an animal during an emergency and identifies when to hospitalise the patient. We demonstrate the importance of identifying the targeted therapy and detecting signs of nervousness and anxiety. The course lays out the symptoms and treatment of diseases of the liver and pancreas, including diseases of the alimentary tract. We then move on to diseases of the heart and circulatory system and provide clinical treatment procedures. Finally, we explain how decisions are made in veterinary emergency medicine. This diploma course provides the tools you need to master the practical principles of veterinary medicine. You can use these techniques and insider tips to confidently launch a career in this field. We describe the everyday life of a veterinarian and provide the skills the job requires, from treating emergencies to dealing with clinical procedures. Sign up to earn a diploma that signals your aptitude and ability to provide healthcare to sick and injured animals.

Veterinary medicine prevents, diagnoses, manages and treats illness and injury in animals. This diploma course explains how a physical examination can lead to a diagnosis. We delve into the medical history of the field and define ‘biosecurity’ and ‘infection control’. We then establish the importance of finding the correct targeted therapy and culture. Sign up to learn the basics of veterinary healthcare and use this diploma to begin your career.

Basic Information

  • Level : Diploma
  • Category : Medicine
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