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Telehealth For Healthcare Providers

March 22, 2023

Course Description

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly drove a significant increase in telehealth visits as patients avoided in-person contact in favour of remote consultations. While ‘telemedicine’ refers specifically to remote clinical services, ‘telehealth’ can refer to remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings and continuing medical education. We have therefore designed this course to teach you the fundamentals of telehealth. First, we begin with a general overview of telemedicine. Then you'll discover telemedicine communication methods, their benefits, drawbacks and possible solutions for body area networks. You will learn about the regulations and standards that govern telemedicine operations. Next, explore clinical applications of telemedicine and clinician-to-clinician telemedicine, including continuous live monitoring and telesurgery, which is one of the most exciting aspects of telemedicine. Like any other industry, telemedicine faces various challenges and potential solutions. This course will discuss these issues, along with the rules governing the use of telemedicine by private practitioners and the security and associated privacy concerns. This course discusses the best practices in telehealth and the benefits of virtual mental health programs, which include increasing access to mental health services for a broader range of people, including those without transportation and those who are housebound due to physical or mental illness. Familiarise yourself with the applications of telehealth by enrolling in this course today.

The health sector is constantly embracing technology integration to improve service access. Telemedicine is a practice that allows healthcare providers to provide medical services to patients with limited time or transportation options remotely. This course examines telemedicine’s applications and challenges. In addition, discover the role of telemedicine in mental health services and the best mental health practices. Go for Telehealth For Healthcare Providers course today!

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  • Level : Certificate
  • Category : Medicine
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