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Pharmacy Assistant and Technician

March 22, 2023

Course Description

Pharmacy assistants are essential in aiding patients in getting the medicines they need while providing exceptional customer service to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Are you interested in working as a pharmacy assistant or technician? Look no further! This course will provide you with the required capacity and training to operate as a pharmacy technician or assistant. We begin with an overview of an assistant's duties before delving into a pharmacy technician's responsibilities, including using safe medicines optimisation processes to ensure the safe and logical administration of pharmaceuticals for therapy. Learn important medical terms that help you identify symptoms and diagnose and treat patients. Next, you will learn how to improve pharmacy communications, self-care and self-medication. To promote patient welfare, we research prescription and dispensing ethics. Next, you will learn about stock management, which involves managing stock procurement to meet requirements and inventory management. Finally, you'll discover standard operating procedures that enable audits and aid in staff training and growth. From prescribing and dispensing pharmaceuticals to maintaining stockpiles and identifying risks, pharmacy assistants and technicians are indispensable in the healthcare industry. We've included compelling pharmacological information to assist you in identifying pharmaceuticals that can be taken with other medication in the event of adverse effects or altered potency and doing effective health, safety and risk evaluation. Don't delay! Get started with this course right away!

Pharmacy Assistant and Technician will provide you with the necessary knowledge and training to work as a pharmacy assistant and or technician. We’ll teach you about the responsibilities of a pharmacy assistant, such as handling prescriptions, stock and inventory management and other pharmacy technician duties such as operating safe medications optimisation systems. Learn about pharmacy standard operating procedures and risk assessment methods.

Basic Information

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