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Paediatric First Aid

March 22, 2023

Course Description

This course delves into the importance of paediatric first aid, what it is and the role of first aiders. It is essential to have a basic knowledge of paediatric first aid as a parent or child carer. Discover how to assess the casualty's condition before offering your services. Are you wondering how to make an initial assessment and have an overview of the situation as a first aider? This course explains all these details and discusses some of the crucial equipment and techniques you might need as a first aider. Next, you will become familiar with the contents of a first aid kit and examine how to use the equipment properly. We will also go over the principles of bandaging and rolling bandages. Do you wonder how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on children and infants? This course will explain CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in detail. We will also discuss how to treat the most common injuries. Most first aiders are faced with the aftermath of accidents or collisions and we will examine how to handle these types of situations. Then we will discuss various illnesses, their triggers and how you can provide first aid in these situations. Explore the effects of acute conditions, ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies. Children can easily be affected by the environment during moments when they are resting or exploring. This course explains how to handle these situations if an event occurs. We will also explain what ‘psychological first aid is’ and how to recognise the psychological issues a young person may face, including appropriate treatment procedures. We will then discuss the myths cited by some as treatment options for specific injuries and illnesses. Next, we will discuss the limitations of first aiders' medical skills and the need to use emergency medical services. This course is ideal for anyone with basic first aid who wants to improve further. So why wait? Start your learning journey today.

Paediatric first aid is essential knowledge for any parent or adult who works with children. This course teaches all you need to know, from the role of first responders to some of the standard equipment and techniques you will need as a first responder. Study the procedure for CPR in children and infants, treatments required for common injuries and the effects of acute illness and psychological first aid treatment for children.

Basic Information

  • Level : Certificate
  • Category : Medicine
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