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Nursing Leadership and Care Management

March 22, 2023

Course Description

This course will teach you the different roles that nurses play in today’s evolving healthcare settings. First, you will be given an overview of what a nurse leader does and what difference they make within healthcare delivery. Different nursing leadership skills, techniques, and approaches will be discussed so that you can gain a fuller understanding of what it takes to lead other nurses and health workers. Next, important issues in today’s nursing workplace such as transcultural nursing will be overviewed. Next, this course will discuss the vital roles that the medical team plays within the operating room. You will learn the responsibilities as well as the necessary skills needed by nurses during different phases of the surgical cycle, from the pre-operative to post-operative phase. The course will then teach you the different types of nursing leadership styles commonly used today. Here, you will also learn about the factors that influence the productivity levels of co-nurses within the facility. Finally, you will learn the most effective teaching strategies used by nurse educators today. This course provides excellent material for those who want to develop their nursing career. By taking this course, you will improve your nursing leadership and teaching capabilities and gain insights into the best practices used to improve healthcare delivery today. So get started and give your nursing career a real boost today.

Nursing Leadership and Care Management course overviews the most important elements of a nursing leader’s daily role. The nursing profession has evolved significantly over the years. Today, professional nurses are also team leaders and healthcare teachers. By the end of the course you will have learned the skills and approaches used by nurse leaders to improve healthcare delivery, and will have greatly boosted your care management skills.

Basic Information

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