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Medical Secretary

March 22, 2023

Course Description

Medical secretaries play an important role in any medical environment. They are patients’ first point of contact and are responsible for scheduling appointments and providing support to help doctors provide the best level of medical care. This course lays out the various job roles and responsibilities of a medical secretary in any medical establishment. We teach you how to manage appointment bookings before examining some filing systems used in medical offices. Patients should see medical secretaries as someone they can confide in so we establish the importance of patient confidentiality. Medical secretaries also organise, update and store records, which include patients’ confidential information, diagnoses, treatment and more. These details are stored in different formats so we compare physical and electronic storage methods. Medical jargon can be confusing at times so this course outlines various medical terminologies and identifies the root, suffix and prefix of important terms. Technology has improved modern medical administration and medical secretaries require basic computer knowledge to store and process data. We course thus examines the role of computers and information technology in healthcare management. As a medical secretary, you may encounter potential health risks and hazards. We explain how to safely and legally dispose of clinical waste and handle patients' specimens like urine, blood and saliva. The course guides you through the process of creating a safe working environment. The course provides important administrative skills like inventory management and effective workplace communication before considering professional dynamics like phone etiquette and dress code. This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in becoming a medical secretary. Do you want to play an important role in healthcare administration? Sign up to take the first step towards becoming a medical secretary.

Are you curious about the requirements for becoming a medical secretary? This course introduces you to the profession’s job profile, qualities required and responsibilities. We explore the filing systems used in medical offices and establish the importance of medical record-keeping. We explain the jargon and terminology used in medicine before outlining the role of information technology in protecting patients’ confidentiality. Medical Secretary opens more doors for further medical skills.

Basic Information

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