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Management and Administration of Medicine

March 22, 2023

Course Description

Medication is an essential component of the healthcare system. Good medication prescription and optimization practices can help prevent patient deaths caused by medication errors. This course examines the principles of medication management and good medication prescription in relation to the standard of practice achievable in the UK. It introduces you to the fundamentals of medication management and clinical pharmacokinetics. You will learn about the various drug administration routes, adverse drug reactions, and the importance and consequences of poor medication management. The first step in the medication process is drug prescription, which starts a chain reaction. We will teach you the fundamentals of good prescription, as well as how to take a medication history and write a drug prescription. Learn about the pharmacological management of common problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and diabetes. Learn about the principles of palliative care and medicine optimization, as well as the roles of healthcare practitioners in medication management in residential aged-care facilities. Alternative medicines are non-prescription drugs that are widely available and used in local communities. This course explains commonly recognized alternative medicines as well as measures to ensure user safety and welfare. Furthermore, you will learn the significance of medication review and storage, as well as the legislation involved in medication optimization. This course is for everyone, whether you are an aspiring or practicing healthcare practitioner, caregiver or if you simply want to learn about medication management.

Basic Information

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