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EHS-Guidelines on Environment, Health and Safety

March 22, 2023

Course Description

Industries are essential for the economic stability and security of any country. However, rapid industrialization on a mass scale also poses significant dangers and hazards to human health, the environment and safety. Such a situation calls for a comprehensive and standardized management plan to eliminate or minimize rapid industrialization's harmful effects. Luckily, the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines provide a road map for industries and organizations worldwide to mitigate the hazardous effects of industrial activities. Considering the importance of the EHS Guidelines, industrial experts at Exoexcellence Consultants have developed this bi-modular course specifically for industrial health and safety professionals. In addition, each module includes three primary topics dedicated to a particular yet prevalent industrial hazard. The first module introduces you to EHS and its fundamental framework while the following two topics discuss management strategies regarding air pollution, water contamination and water conservation. The second module explains how you can develop comprehensive mitigation plans to counter industrial hazards that pose a significant threat to employees and public health and safety. We also show you how to design a management plan concerning noise pollution, fires, explosives and industrial vehicle accidents. The course then highlights how the EHS guidelines pertain to the safety of new and existing industrial infrastructure, the prevention of infectious diseases and managing the harmful impacts of industrial decommissioning activities. Legal frameworks like the EHS play a key role in protecting the natural world so sign up for this course to pick up the sustainable development skills you need to protect the environment and the health and safety of those who live in it.

Global industrialization poses significant risks to the health and wellbeing of humanity. This threat calls for improvement to the management of industrial pollutants, their impact and their emission sources. This course on EHS-Guidelines on Environment, Health and Safety is designed for aspiring industrial health and safety experts and also refreshes your skills if you already work in the sector. Enroll today to learn how to craft a comprehensive plan to mitigate health hazards and contamination.

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